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The Sky City is the home of the Hawk Men, led by King Vultan. The city is kept aloft by gravity-defying rays, which are produced by shoveling radium into the city's Atom Furnaces.

Comic strip

The Sky City is used as Ming's prison city. The Hawkmen capture Prince Thun and Dr. Hans Zarkov, and fly them off to the city. ("The Monsters of Mongo")


An explosion in the Atom Furnaces in "Chapter 108: Tournament of Death" disables the gravity rays, and the city begins to crash, but Dr. Hans Zarkov invents a Light solidifier that can keep the city in the air, and the Sky City is stabilized. Grateful, King Vultan agrees to release Zarkov and his friends from imprisonment.

The city is defended by a Melting ray, which can be aimed at approaching rocketships to disable them.