Prince Thun is the leader of the Lion Men on Mongo. Flash Gordon meets Thun when the Lion Men attack Ming's palace. Flash and Thun battle, but then realize that they are both enemies of Ming the Merciless. They become friends, and Thun helps Flash to save Dale Arden from the palace.


Flash Gordon (1979)

1980 Flash Gordon Movie

Flash Gordon: The Greatest Adventure of All

Flash Gordon (1996 cartoon)

Thun through the years

First words

  • Comic strip: "By the Great God Tao! A mere youth -- and white!"
  • Serial: "Why do you not slay me?"
  • 1979 cartoon: "And you've hunted every living thing, haven't you, Prince Barin?"
  • Movie: "Your majesty! We, the people of Ardentia, we have suffered since you blasted our kingdom. I can offer you nothing this year except my loyalty."
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