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Mongo is a rogue planet that travels through our solar system under the control of its dictator, Ming the Merciless. Mongo is an inhospitable planet, with various extreme climate zones. Travelers to Mongo must pass through a "Death Zone" on the way, described by scientist Dr. Hans Zarkov as being "a zone devoid of any force". ("Chapter 101: The Planet of Peril")

Mongo has at least 2 moons, one of them being the planetoid Lunita.

The area around Ming's palace is desolate and devoid of vegetation. Dragons live in the nearby caves. Other vicious animals of Mongo include Monkey Men, orangopoid, and white-striped, bear-like animals.

The oceans of Mongo are home to giant sea life, including eels, sharks, water dragons, and octosaks.

The people of Mongo have progressed scientifically beyond Earth. According to Ming, "the reason for our success is that we possess none of the human traits of kindness, mercy, or pity! We are coldly scientific and ruthless!" ("Flash Gordon (comic strip)")

The capital of Mongo is Nascent City, known in the comic strips as Mingo City. The main currency is the gold mingol. ("The Outlaws of Mongo") Another primary location is Ming's palace.

They use a lunar calender as several characters use the phrases "new moon" or "third moon".


A description of the fictional planet Mongo states: "Mongo is approximately one of the diameter of earth but has a gravitational density that is only slightly less. It is a relatively young world with towering mountains not yet worn smooth by time and many areas of volcanic activity. Its vegetation is still limited to isolated areas of botanical giants. Biologically it is still in the era of reptilian giants. Man evolved fast into diverse races, many of which possess amazingly advanced technology while others still live in primitive and unexplored regions.":

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Mongo, as seen from space.