The High Priest is the senior representative of the Great God Tao on Mongo.

Comic strip

Zogi, the High Priest, performs 2 wedding ceremonies for Ming the Merciless and Dale Arden. The first is interrupted by Flash Gordon and Prince Thun, who push an idol of Tao down onto the wedding party. [1] The second is interrupted by Flash, Thun, and Prince Barin, who make it seem as if another idol of Tao is forbidding the marriage. [2]

When Ming wants to have Flash and Barin executed, Zogi reminds him that the Holy Writ of Tao allows traitors to earn their freedom with "the two terrible tests". When the pair survive the tests, Zogi tells Ming that they can not be executed. Furious, Ming stabs Zogi, killing him. [3]


The High Priest performs the wedding ceremony in the second chapter of the 1936 "Flash Gordon" serial.



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Lon Poff as the High Priest.


The High Priest and the idol of the Great God Tao.


Theodore Lorch as the High Priest.