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Played by:
Mariangela Melato



General Kala was the lieutenant of Klytus in the 1980 Flash Gordon movie. Despite her beauty, she was a ruthless, cold-hearted woman who possessed a merciless streak matching Ming's and Klytus'.

Kala is first heard, but not seen, announcing the execution of Flash Gordon to the citizens in the Imperial Palace: "This is a public announcement. The earthling Flash Gordon is to be executed at 29:15 Mingo mean time."

She does not appear on-screen until the Brain Wipe scene after Ming reveals the reason for his attack on earth to Dr. Zarkov. Following Klytus, who tells Zarkov they are just 'emptying his mind.' She tells the earth scientist they are going to empty his memory as they might empty his pockets. She stands with Klytus while they watch the memories being erased from Zarkov's mind. Following the procedure, she asks if there is to be any reprogram now. Klytus replies yes, but not to fill his mind with anything above Level 3, as he doubts the human mind could take it. Kala agrees. Klytus has to leave the chamber and asks, in a rare moment of seeming affection, if Kala will be able to manage with out him. She replies, coy, that she will try. Once Klytus leaves, she sternly orders the technician to program Zarkov to Level 6 and stands by while the horrors of the Brain Wipe machine begin screaming.

With Klytus, Kala participated in the torture of Princess Aura, personally punishing Ming's daughter by flogging her with a cat o'nine tails (which Ming allowed while watching from behind a privacy screen) after Aura was discovered to have aided Flash Gordon's escape from an execution ordered by Ming. She brings Klytus the bore worms when he decides it is the only way to get a confession out of Aura.

Kala later sought to suppress a revolt against Ming's rule led by Flash, King Vultan and Prince Barin. As Vultan's Hawk Men launched an assault during Ming's intended wedding to Dale Arden, Kala warned one of her underlings that Ming would shoot him if he interrupted the ceremony to inform Ming and assumed responsibility for the suppression of the revolt in Ming the Merciless's name. Kala tried to have Flash shot down as he approached Mingo City on a Hawkman rocket cycle, but the attempt failed. When Barin and Zarkov infiltrated the Secret Police command center, Kala attempted to draw her pistol, but it was shot out of her hand. She refused to lead the traitors to Imperial Presence. After Barin destroys the Secret Police drones who monitor the grounds, Kala attempts an attack with a flamethrower ring but is shot by Barin. She collapses with a growl and disintegrates into a black liquid.

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