Dan Barry (November 7, 1923 - January 1997) was an American cartoonist. Beginning in comic books during the 1940s with Leonard Starr, Stan Drake and his brother Sy Barry, he helped define and exemplify a particular kind of "New York Slick" style which dominated comics until the Marvel Revolution brought attention to the Jack Kirby style. This style was characterized by careful attention to lines and the clear delineation of textures.

From 1947-48, Barry drew the Tarzan daily strip, then in 1951 revived the Flash Gordon daily strip. When artist Mac Raboy died in 1967, Barry assumed responsibility of the Flash Gordon Sunday strip also. In 1990, he left Flash Gordon altogether, when King Features asked him to take a cut in pay.

Barry's last work was for Dark Horse Comics, where he wrote and drew many Indiana Jones comic books.

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