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Karen Cliche


Baylin is a bounty hunter from Mongo in the Sci Fi Channel Flash Gordon series, played by Karen Cliche. Baylin lost her parents before she was 9 years old, and she has had to survive on her own. After she was banished from the Verden, a Turin named Tyrus took her in and cared for her. She became his bond-mate and property. She later worked with Genessa.

Baylin is trapped on Earth with Flash and Dale, and finds herself in a possible love triangle with the estranged couple.

Baylin originally travels to Earth to retrieve the Imex, a piece of alien technology that she believes is in Flash's possession. When Flash realizes that the Imex is inside his father's old Timex watch, he pretends to destroy it. The rift leading to Mongo has already closed, so Baylin retreats in a stolen truck. ("Episode 101: Pilot")

She later moves into Flash's house. ("Episode 102: Pride") Flash hopes that by keeping her in sight, he'll be able to minimize the potential damage she might do, although there are occasional incidents, like attacking the mailman. "Non-military personnel should not wear uniforms," Baylin explains. ("Episode 103: Infestation")


Baylin's character

In an interview, Cliche explains, "She's drawn to Flash because of his sincerity and sees that he's trustworthy, and relates to his quest for answers and yearning for a lost parent. Back on Mongo, she has no family or tribe, so she finds that in Flash, Dale and Zarkov, and as much as she would never admit it, she finds comfort in that." [1]

An interesting point as regards the clothing of Baylin emerged during a Flash Gordon Set Visit by reporters - how does a sexy alien dress? Heidi Samuda, the costume designer of the Flash Gordon (Sci Fi Channel) series conveyed the predicament of clothing Baylin in these words:[2]

Baylin is an interesting challenge because she is trapped on Earth, and now she begins to travel back and forth between Earth and Mongo with Flash, it's kind of a challenge as to how we keep her looking identifiable as Baylin, as a Verdin on Earth, because she can't very well walk into a store on Earth wearing a jacket like that without people looking askance at her. So what we've done with Baylin is to keep her in these Earthbound colors that are almost camouflage-like.


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Blue shawl

Blue shawl

Barin, leader of the Verden, and the bounty hunter Baylin.


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